The mission

We equip individuals with high demand Supply Chain Security & Threat Awareness Skills and Empower companies to Scale, using our best practice supply chain security ASCT systems. Our goal is to provide you with best practice, expert guiding principles, and break down the complicated CTPAT certification process in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Ultimately leading you to increased revenue, reduction of border crossing fines & penalties, while expanding your marketshare.

We provide Elite Supply Chain Security Certification Training

As the world population continues to grow, so do security programs, so does organized crime syndicates, so does everything else, either progressing or regressing.
To help you produce growth & success in your industry, by turning your pain points into added value for your business and you. When you migrate from legacy environments to a supply chain security threat and awareness expertise perspective, you gain the opportunity to establish a new security paradigm – that is based on a proactive rather than reactive approach. What we want to do now is teach you our insider secrets and systems, provide you with all the training materials, tools and techniques to strengthen your company’s layered defense system and create the future you always wanted.
Custom Brokers
Domestic & Long haul Highway carriers
Air, Rail & Sea Carriers
Importers, Exporters & Manufacturers
3PL’s, Warehousing & Logistics Providers
Marine Port Authorities

We Take Your Company and Team To a Whole New Level

What If YOU Could…
Take Your Company and Team To a Whole New Level

In today’s market professionals are taxed to the edge of overwhelm on a daily basis. The world’s changing fast and with that so is security. It’s not getting easier it’s getting more stringent. What if YOU could help lead your company, your departments, and your teams, by building a legacy for the next gen that could make a global impact for a safer, more secure, integral based relationships to get all your employees on board in preparation for required professional skills of the not to distant future.

Specialized Supply Chain Security & Threat Awareness Online Training

Apollo Specialized training courses are built specifically for the Executives and Department Managers, Employees, and Suppliers who take this training very seriously. This is where we drill down in depth, per department perspectives, processes, procedures, behaviour patterning, internal conspiracies, conscious team building, security breaches, incident reporting, how to incorporate project management risk principles into your company’s culture, and not to mention how to start setting up your system for long term self sufficiency.

iTAS, (International Threat Awareness Support) Certification program

iTAS, (International Threat Awareness Specialty) is an elite certification training program designed to teach business owners & executives the most important skill they need to scale their business: Supply Chain Security . The art of CTPAT Certification is a skill that, once learned through the iTAS program, empowers business executives to achieve their goals.

Supply Chain Integrity, Risk Assessments

Bringing you all the most relevant global security insights into a single, interactive, dashboard. With worldwide, real-time data, we capture and analyze various risks, patterns, threats and forecasting models based on your supply chains. Our intelligence collection spans from Criminal Activity, Terrorism and Insurgency, Industrial Espionage, Business Continuity and more, giving you a risk rating per supply chain, business partner, geothreats and a recommended action plan for informed & efficient decision making.

Our Services

Business Partner tracking & progress reports
Vulnerability Reports
Threat Reports
Pattern Tracking
Forecasting reporting

How can we help?

ASCT Systems manages all requirements and criteria of Accreditation Programs from one place with specialized training, a multi-enterprise intelligent risk management tool and a user experience with advanced analytics, workflows & reports, making tracking effortless.

The continuing threat of terrorist groups, contagients and criminal organizations targeting supply chains underscores the need for Corporations to assess existing and potential exposure to these evolving threats internally and within their domestic and international supply chains.

Zone of Hypergrowth

The question is: how can you set up the core structure of your business with implementing and maintaining Supply Chain Security Accreditation so it can grow, scale, mitigate risk, and remain true to your mission?

When you understand how to use Supply Chain Security & Threat Awareness as a long term business growth strategy, you gain clarity. Clarity is power, and power is simply the ability to act. Throwing out the hamster wheel not just for now, but forever.

The ASCT System is the answer to”unlocking your organization’s Success, Wealth, Legacy and Significance.

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